Use this entity for defining a ballot style composed of contests and their ballot selections. You can associate the ballot style with a political party, a reference to an image of the ballot, and a reference to the geopolitical unit that the ballot is unique to. Election includes BallotStyle.

BallotStyle references OrderedContest to include contests on that ballot style and the ballot selections associated with each contest to preserve any rotation associated with the ballot. It is expected that the generating application will list the occurrences of OrderedContest in the order as shown on the ballot.

BallotStyle includes 'GpUnitIds' to reference one or more GpUnit elements defined for the associated precincts. If the ballot style is associated with multiple geopolitical units, multiple references to geopolitical unit GpUnit elements can be included.

When including ExternalIdentifiers, if the type is not listed in enumeration IdentifierType, use 'other' and include the type OtherType.

The following table shows the attributes for BallotStyle:

Attribute Required? Type Attribute Description
objectId required ID Unique internal identifier used by other element(s) to reference this element.

The following table shows the elements for BallotStyle:

Element Multiplicity Type Element Description
ExternalIdentifiers 0 or 1 ExternalIdentifiers For associating an ID with the ballot style.
GpUnitIds 1 IDREFS Unique identifier for one or more GpUnit elements. For associating specific geopolitical units with the ballot style.
ImageUri 0 or more anyURI URI for a ballot image.
OrderedContest 0 or more OrderedContest For associating contests in the order as listed on ballot.
PartyIds 0 or 1 IDREFS Unique identifier for one or more Party entities. For associating one or more parties with the ballot style. Used for a partisan primary/election.



    <BallotStyle objectId="bs_123">
      <GpUnitIds>Loc5 Loc6 Loc7</GpUnitIds>
      <OrderedContest ... />


    "BallotStyle": [
        "objectId": "bs_123",
        "GpUnitIds": [
        "OrderedContest": [