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KmlFolder getLayerById (string id)
void enableLayerById (string id, bool visibility)
int getDrawOrder ()
void setDrawOrder (int drawOrder)

Detailed Description

A container for the various layers displayed with the Google Earth Plug-in. It contains the same layers as Google Earth.

Member Function Documentation

Returns the layer based on the layer's ID.

void KmlLayerRoot.enableLayerById ( string  id,
bool  visibility 

Enables a layer based on its ID.

idID of layer. See the GEPlugin object reference for possible values.
visibilitySpecifies whether the feature is drawn in the 3D viewer when it is initially loaded. In order for a feature to be visible, visibility must also be set to 1.

Returns the drawing order for this database.

void KmlLayerRoot.setDrawOrder ( int  drawOrder)

Defines the drawing order for databases. Drawing order is lowest to highest. Google Earth Enterprise customers can add a side database and set the drawOrder to be either before or after that of the main database. Side databases default to a drawing order of 0.

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