Vector datasets catalog

This page contains a list of selected vector datasets stored as Earth Engine tables.

Earth Engine Tables

Description ID Link
Large Scale International Boundary Lines (LSIB) USDOS/LSIB/2013 dataset description
TIGER: US 2016 Census Roads TIGER/2016/Roads dataset description
TIGER: US 2010 Census Blocks TIGER/2010/Blocks dataset description
TIGER: US Census 2010 Census Tracts + Demographic Profile 1 aggregate statistics. TIGER/2010/Tracts_DP1 dataset description
GLIMS: Global Land Ice Measurements from Space GLIMS/2016 dataset description
USGS Watershed Boundary Datasets USGS/WBD/2017/HUC{02-12} dataset description (HUC12)
USA EPA Ecoregions EPA/Ecoregions/2013/L{3,4} dataset description (Level 4)
WRI Global Power Plant Database WRI/GPPD/power_plants dataset description

Fusion Tables

The following Fusion Tables are listed for reference only and may be maintained by third parties.

Description ID Link
Terrestrial ecoregions 1Ec8IWsP8asxN-ywSqgXWMuBaxI6pPaeh6hC64lA fusion table
Landsat WRS-2 grid 1_RZgjlcqixp-L9hyS6NYGqLaKOlnhSC35AB5M5Ll fusion table
"Global 200" ecoregions 11SfWB6oBS1iWGiQxEOqF_wUgBJL7Bux-pWU-mqd5 fusion table
Imazon SAD alerts 1zUrv8l3GJdAuyqYLeFN5oMEyv-OIDK_pMYnoU-c fusion table
WRI database of Oil palm concessions in Cameroon, Republic of Congo, and Indonesia 1Q-5XgXQpAeRhILPoPTx8gnGTzUpSJx-EtKu_BCw fusion table
WRI database of Wood fiber plantations 1uqBi75K8AtJa3q4C-DuKUPYRMGvFHtp0c7E-VTA fusion table
Conservation International database of biodiversity hotspots. 14Pt6oMB6UjfkBl9JitOwRsp7RX2lizP7m6fK12Y fusion table

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