WHRC Pantropical National Level Carbon Stock Dataset

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A national-level map of above-ground live woody biomass density for tropical countries at 500m. This dataset was assembled from a combination of co-located field measurements, LiDAR observations, and imagery recorded from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS).


500 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
Mg Mg/Ha 0* 503*

Megagrams of aboveground live woody biomass per Hectare

* estimated min or max value

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  • The national level dataset is freely available for use for scientific, conservation, and educational purposes.
  • Users acknowledge that they themselves are responsible for determining whether the dataset is of sufficient quality and appropriateness for their objectives.
  • Users agree that they will make reasonable efforts to provide appropriate feedbacks and notification of any significant errors that they identify in the dataset.


  • A. Baccini, S J. Goetz, W.S. Walker, N. T. Laporte, M. Sun, D. Sulla-Menashe, J. Hackler, P.S.A. Beck, R. Dubayah, M.A. Friedl, S. Samanta and R. A. Houghton. Estimated carbon dioxide emissions from tropical deforestation improved by carbon-density maps. 2012 Nature Climate Change, https://doi.org/10.1038/NCLIMATE1354

Explore in Earth Engine

var dataset = ee.Image('WHRC/biomass/tropical');
var liveWoodyBiomass = dataset.select('Mg');
var visParams = {
  min: 0.0,
  max: 350.0,
  palette: [
    'FFFFFF', 'CE7E45', 'DF923D', 'F1B555', 'FCD163', '99B718', '74A901',
    '66A000', '529400', '3E8601', '207401', '056201', '004C00', '023B01',
    '012E01', '011D01', '011301'
Map.setCenter(-69.43, 0.35, 3);
Map.addLayer(liveWoodyBiomass, visParams, 'Aboveground Live Woody Biomass');