Welcome to Google Earth Engine: the most advanced cloud-based geospatial processing platform in the world! The purpose of Earth Engine is to:

  • Provide an interactive platform for geospatial algorithm development at scale
  • Enable high-impact, data-driven science
  • Make substantive progress on global challenges that involve large geospatial datasets

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About Google Earth Engine

The main components of Earth Engine are:

  • Datasets: A constantly growing, petabyte-scale archive of publicly available, remotely sensed imagery and other spatial data. Explore the data catalog.
  • Compute: Google’s computational infrastructure optimized for parallel processing of geospatial data.
  • APIs: JavaScript, Python, REST.
  • Apps: Geospatially aware apps, built from Earth Engine APIs.

Learn more about how Earth Engine works from Gorelick et al. (2017).

How to use Google Earth Engine

Earth Engine is a service that runs in the Google Cloud. You connect to the service through one of the APIs:



To learn more about the background of Earth Engine, see the accompanying presentation by Earth Engine director Rebecca Moore to the Earth Engine User Summit 2017.