FloodlightActivities: generatetag

Generates a tag for a floodlight activity. Try it now.


HTTP request

POST https://www.googleapis.com/dfareporting/v3.4/userprofiles/profileId/floodlightActivities/generatetag


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
profileId long User profile ID associated with this request.
Optional query parameters
floodlightActivityId long Floodlight activity ID for which we want to generate a tag.


This request requires authorization with the following scope:


For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "kind": "dfareporting#floodlightActivitiesGenerateTagResponse",
  "floodlightActivityTag": string,
  "globalSiteTagGlobalSnippet": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "dfareporting#floodlightActivitiesGenerateTagResponse".
floodlightActivityTag string Generated tag for this Floodlight activity. For global site tags, this is the event snippet.
globalSiteTagGlobalSnippet string The global snippet section of a global site tag. The global site tag sets new cookies on your domain, which will store a unique identifier for a user or the ad click that brought the user to your site. Learn more.

Try it!

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