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Resource representations

Describes properties of a Planning order.

  "kind": "dfareporting#order",
  "id": long,
  "accountId": long,
  "subaccountId": long,
  "advertiserId": long,
  "projectId": long,
  "name": string,
  "buyerOrganizationName": string,
  "sellerOrganizationName": string,
  "contacts": [
      "contactInfo": string,
      "contactType": string,
      "contactTitle": string,
      "contactName": string,
      "signatureUserProfileId": long
  "termsAndConditions": string,
  "notes": string,
  "buyerInvoiceId": string,
  "sellerOrderId": string,
  "comments": string,
  "planningTermId": long,
  "approverUserProfileIds": [
  "siteNames": [
  "siteId": [
  "lastModifiedInfo": {
    "time": long
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId long Account ID of this order.
advertiserId long Advertiser ID of this order.
approverUserProfileIds[] list IDs for users that have to approve documents created for this order.
buyerInvoiceId string Buyer invoice ID associated with this order.
buyerOrganizationName string Name of the buyer organization.
comments string Comments in this order.
contacts[] list Contacts for this order.
contacts[].contactInfo string Free-form information about this contact. It could be any information related to this contact in addition to type, title, name, and signature user profile ID.
contacts[].contactName string Name of this contact.
contacts[].contactTitle string Title of this contact.
contacts[].contactType string Type of this contact.

Acceptable values are:
contacts[].signatureUserProfileId long ID of the user profile containing the signature that will be embedded into order documents.
id long ID of this order. This is a read-only, auto-generated field.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "dfareporting#order".
lastModifiedInfo nested object Information about the most recent modification of this order.
lastModifiedInfo.time long Timestamp of the last change in milliseconds since epoch.
name string Name of this order.
notes string Notes of this order.
planningTermId long ID of the terms and conditions template used in this order.
projectId long Project ID of this order.
sellerOrderId string Seller order ID associated with this order.
sellerOrganizationName string Name of the seller organization.
siteId[] list Site IDs this order is associated with.
siteNames[] list Free-form site names this order is associated with.
subaccountId long Subaccount ID of this order.
termsAndConditions string Terms and conditions of this order.


Gets one order by ID.
Retrieves a list of orders, possibly filtered. This method supports paging.