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Resource representations

CreativeAssets contains properties of a creative asset file which will be uploaded or has already been uploaded. Refer to the creative sample code for how to upload assets and insert a creative.

  "kind": "dfareporting#creativeAssetMetadata",
  "assetIdentifier": {
    "type": string,
    "name": string
  "detectedFeatures": [
  "warnedValidationRules": [
  "clickTags": [
      "name": string,
      "eventName": string,
      "clickThroughUrl": {
        "landingPageId": long,
        "customClickThroughUrl": string,
        "computedClickThroughUrl": string
  "id": long,
  "idDimensionValue": dimensionValues Resource
Property name Value Description Notes
assetIdentifier nested object ID of the creative asset. This is a required field. string Name of the creative asset. This is a required field while inserting an asset. After insertion, this assetIdentifier is used to identify the uploaded asset. Characters in the name must be alphanumeric or one of the following: ".-_ ". Spaces are allowed.
assetIdentifier.type string Type of asset to upload. This is a required field. FLASH and IMAGE are no longer supported for new uploads. All image assets should use HTML_IMAGE.

Acceptable values are:
  • "AUDIO"
  • "FLASH"
  • "HTML"
  • "IMAGE"
  • "VIDEO"
clickTags[] list List of detected click tags for assets. This is a read-only auto-generated field.
clickTags[].clickThroughUrl nested object Parameter value for the specified click tag. This field contains a click-through url.
clickTags[].clickThroughUrl.computedClickThroughUrl string Read-only convenience field representing the actual URL that will be used for this click-through. The URL is computed as follows:
  • If landingPageId is specified then that landing page's URL is assigned to this field.
  • Otherwise, the customClickThroughUrl is assigned to this field.
clickTags[].clickThroughUrl.customClickThroughUrl string Custom click-through URL. Applicable if the landingPageId field is left unset.
clickTags[].clickThroughUrl.landingPageId long ID of the landing page for the click-through URL.
clickTags[].eventName string Advertiser event name associated with the click tag. This field is used by DISPLAY_IMAGE_GALLERY and HTML5_BANNER creatives. Applicable to DISPLAY when the primary asset type is not HTML_IMAGE.
clickTags[].name string Parameter name for the specified click tag. For DISPLAY_IMAGE_GALLERY creative assets, this field must match the value of the creative asset's field.
detectedFeatures[] list List of feature dependencies for the creative asset that are detected by Campaign Manager. Feature dependencies are features that a browser must be able to support in order to render your HTML5 creative correctly. This is a read-only, auto-generated field.
id long Numeric ID of the asset. This is a read-only, auto-generated field.
idDimensionValue nested object Dimension value for the numeric ID of the asset. This is a read-only, auto-generated field.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "dfareporting#creativeAssetMetadata".
warnedValidationRules[] list Rules validated during code generation that generated a warning. This is a read-only, auto-generated field.

Possible values are:


Inserts a new creative asset.