The DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API v3.2 is deprecated and will be sunset on August 31st, 2019. All users must migrate to a newer API version by that date.


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Resource representations

Represents a buy from the Planning inventory store.

  "kind": "dfareporting#inventoryItem",
  "id": long,
  "accountId": long,
  "subaccountId": long,
  "advertiserId": long,
  "projectId": long,
  "orderId": long,
  "siteId": long,
  "inPlan": boolean,
  "estimatedClickThroughRate": long,
  "estimatedConversionRate": long,
  "pricing": {
    "startDate": date,
    "endDate": date,
    "capCostType": string,
    "pricingType": string,
    "flights": [
        "startDate": date,
        "endDate": date,
        "units": long,
        "rateOrCost": long
    "groupType": string
  "adSlots": [
      "name": string,
      "width": long,
      "height": long,
      "compatibility": string,
      "paymentSourceType": string,
      "comment": string,
      "primary": boolean,
      "linkedPlacementId": long
  "rfpId": long,
  "negotiationChannelId": long,
  "lastModifiedInfo": {
    "time": long
  "contentCategoryId": long,
  "placementStrategyId": long,
  "name": string,
  "type": string
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId long Account ID of this inventory item.
adSlots[] list Ad slots of this inventory item. If this inventory item represents a standalone placement, there will be exactly one ad slot. If this inventory item represents a placement group, there will be more than one ad slot, each representing one child placement in that placement group.
adSlots[].comment string Comment for this ad slot.
adSlots[].compatibility string Ad slot compatibility. DISPLAY and DISPLAY_INTERSTITIAL refer to rendering either on desktop, mobile devices or in mobile apps for regular or interstitial ads respectively. APP and APP_INTERSTITIAL are for rendering in mobile apps. IN_STREAM_VIDEO refers to rendering in in-stream video ads developed with the VAST standard.

Acceptable values are:
  • "APP"
adSlots[].height long Height of this ad slot.
adSlots[].linkedPlacementId long ID of the placement from an external platform that is linked to this ad slot.
adSlots[].name string Name of this ad slot.
adSlots[].paymentSourceType string Payment source type of this ad slot.

Acceptable values are:
adSlots[].primary boolean Primary ad slot of a roadblock inventory item.
adSlots[].width long Width of this ad slot.
advertiserId long Advertiser ID of this inventory item.
contentCategoryId long Content category ID of this inventory item.
estimatedClickThroughRate long Estimated click-through rate of this inventory item.
estimatedConversionRate long Estimated conversion rate of this inventory item.
id long ID of this inventory item.
inPlan boolean Whether this inventory item is in plan.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "dfareporting#inventoryItem".
lastModifiedInfo nested object Information about the most recent modification of this inventory item.
lastModifiedInfo.time long Timestamp of the last change in milliseconds since epoch.
name string Name of this inventory item. For standalone inventory items, this is the same name as that of its only ad slot. For group inventory items, this can differ from the name of any of its ad slots.
negotiationChannelId long Negotiation channel ID of this inventory item.
orderId long Order ID of this inventory item.
placementStrategyId long Placement strategy ID of this inventory item.
pricing nested object Pricing of this inventory item.
pricing.capCostType string Cap cost type of this inventory item.

Acceptable values are:
pricing.endDate date End date of this inventory item.[] list Flights of this inventory item. A flight (a.k.a. pricing period) represents the inventory item pricing information for a specific period of time.[].endDate date Inventory item flight end date.[].rateOrCost long Rate or cost of this flight.[].startDate date Inventory item flight start date.[].units long Units of this flight.
pricing.groupType string Group type of this inventory item if it represents a placement group. Is null otherwise. There are two type of placement groups: PLANNING_PLACEMENT_GROUP_TYPE_PACKAGE is a simple group of inventory items that acts as a single pricing point for a group of tags. PLANNING_PLACEMENT_GROUP_TYPE_ROADBLOCK is a group of inventory items that not only acts as a single pricing point, but also assumes that all the tags in it will be served at the same time. A roadblock requires one of its assigned inventory items to be marked as primary.

Acceptable values are:
pricing.pricingType string Pricing type of this inventory item.

Acceptable values are:
pricing.startDate date Start date of this inventory item.
projectId long Project ID of this inventory item.
rfpId long RFP ID of this inventory item.
siteId long ID of the site this inventory item is associated with.
subaccountId long Subaccount ID of this inventory item.
type string Type of inventory item.

Acceptable values are:


Gets one inventory item by ID.
Retrieves a list of inventory items, possibly filtered. This method supports paging.

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