The DFA API is deprecated and will be sunset on September 30, 2015. Existing users must migrate to the DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API by this date.

DFA API Libraries and Example Code

The DFA API client libraries:

  • Provide functions and features that make it easier and faster to develop client applications.
  • Include example code that demonstrate many common tasks that you can perform in the DFA API.

Important: Even if you download one of the client libraries listed below, you must still install a SOAP library. Your client library's documentation will describe which SOAP libraries it requires.

The following table provides links to client libraries, code examples, and quickstart guides. For more code examples, see the googleads-dfa-samples page.

.NET Download Client Library .NET Quickstart Download Code Examples
Python Download Client Library Python Quickstart Download Code Examples
Java Download Client Library Java Quickstart Download Code Examples
Ruby Not available Not available Download Code Examples
PHP Not available Not available Download Code Examples

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