Discovery Document: list

Retrieve the list of APIs supported at this endpoint.

The discovery.apis.list method returns the list of all APIs supported by the Google APIs Discovery Service. The data for each entry is a subset of the Discovery Document for that API, and the list provides a directory of supported APIs.  If a specific API has multiple versions, each of the versions has its own entry in the list.


HTTP Request



Parameter Name Value Description
Optional Parameters
name string Only include APIs with the given name.
preferred boolean Return only the preferred version of an API.  "false" by default.

Request Body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "kind": "discovery#directoryList",
  "discoveryVersion": "v1",
  "items": [
      "kind": "discovery#directoryItem",
      "id": string,
      "name": string,
      "version": string,
      "title": string,
      "description": string,
      "discoveryRestUrl": string,
      "discoveryLink": string,
      "icons": {
        "x16": string,
        "x32": string
      "documentationLink": string,
      "labels": [
      "preferred": boolean
Property Name Value Description
kind string The fixed string discovery#directoryList
discoveryVersion string Indicate the version of the Discovery API used to generate this doc.
items[] list The individual directory entries. One entry per API/version pair.
items[].kind string The kind for this response.
items[].id string The ID of this API.
items[].name string The name of the API.
items[].version string The version of the API.
items[].title string The title of this API.
items[].description string The description of this API.
items[].discoveryRestUrl string The url for the discovery REST document.
items[].icons object Links to 16x16 and 32x32 icons representing the API.
items[].icons.x16 string The url of the 16x16 icon.
items[].icons.x32 string The url of the 32x32 icon.
items[].labels[] list Labels for the status of this API, such as limited_availability or deprecated.
items[].preferred boolean true if this version is the preferred version to use.