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You can use this searchable list of data sources to explore connectors that provide access to certain data sources. User interest indicates the subjective demand of a data source from Data Studio users. Developer interest indicates the number of developers who have expressed interest in developing a connector for the associated data source.

Please provide your input using the following links so that we can keep the following list updated. This aggregated information will help the community to focus their effort on building useful Community Connectors.

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There are different types of connectors:

List of Data Sources and Connectors

Data Source Connectors Available Developer Interest User Interest
360 Low
7Pixel Low
act-on Low Low
Active Campaign Low Moderate
Ad Up Low
Adblade Low
Adcash Low
Adform Moderate High
Adjust High
Admarvel Low
Admessenger Low
Admitad Low
Adobe Analytics Moderate High
AdOcean Low
Adrecord Low
AdRoll Moderate High
Google AdSense Low Low
Adservice Low
Adtraction Low
Advanced Web Ranking Moderate Moderate Low
Adviral Low
Adzuna Low
AEM Low Low
Aeries Student Information System Low Low
Affiliate Future Low
Affiliate Window Low
Affilinet Low
Ahrefs Low Low
Airfares Flights Low
Airtable High Low
Aklamio Low
Algolia Low Low
AloTech Contact Centre Platform Low Low
Amazon High Moderate
Amazon Advertising Low
Amazon Databases Low Low
Amazon Redshift Low High
Amazon Seller Moderate
Amazon Sponsored Products Low
Amazon Web Services Moderate Low
analag Low Low
Analytics Canvas Low
ANTS Moderate Low
App Annie Low Moderate
Apple Search Ads Low
AppLovin Moderate
AppNexus Moderate
Apprl Low
AppsFlyer Moderate High
Apsis Low
Asana High High
AT internet Low Low
Attribution 360 Low
AudienceXpress Low Low
AuthorityLabs Low Low
Automsoft Low Low
Awin Low
Baidu Low
Bam-X Low
Band Low
Belboon Low
Bencom Low
Beslist Low
BidOptimiSR Low Low
BidTheatre Low Low
Bing Moderate High
Bing Ads High High
Bitcoin price Low Low
bitrix24 Low Low
bittrex Low Low
Blocket Low
Brightcove High Low
BrightEdge High Low
Bronto Moderate
BuzzCity Low
C3Metrics Low Low
Calibre Low Low
CallRail Low Moderate
CallTouch Low Low
CallTrackingMetrics High High
Campaign Monitor Low
Capsule CRM Low Low
Capterra Low Moderate
CashLink Low Low
Central Bureau of Statistics Netherlands API Low Low
Centro Low Low
Cervinoboard Low Low
ChannelPilot Low
Cheapflights Low
cheetahMail Low Low
Cherchons Low Low
Cinema Tickets Database Low Low
CiviCRM Low Low
CJ Affiliate Low
ClickHouse Low Low
Cloud Low Low
Coherent Logic Low Low
CoMagic Moderate Moderate
Commission Factory Low
CommunicationAds Low
Connexity Low
Constant Contact High
ConstantContact Low
Conversant Access Low
Conversant Ad Server Low
Criteo Low High
Cybozu kintone Moderate Low
Dable Low
Dailymotion Low Low
Daisycon Low Low
Dataddo Low Low
Daum Low
DBA Admanager Low
Delta Projects Low
Denodo Low Low
DerbySoft Low
Dialfire Low
Dianomi Low
Doofinder Low Low
Display & Video 360 High High
Campaign Manager Moderate High
Ad Manager Data Transfer Low Low
Google Ad Manager Moderate High
Search Ads 360 High High
ebay Low
Ebay Commerce Low
Effiliation Low
Elasticsearch Moderate High
Eloqua Low Moderate
Emarbox Low
Engageya Low
Enlighta Moderate Low
Eperflex Low
ERPLY Low Low Low Low
EUR/USD official exchange rates values from the European Central Bank Low Low
EuroAds Low
EuroMessage Low
Excel Moderate Moderate
Excite Digital Media Low
Eyereturn Low Low Low
Facebook High High
Facebook Ads High High
Facebook Analytics Low Low
Facebook Audience Network Low Low
Facebook Insights High High
Facebook Marketing Low
Facebook public data Low
Facebook Workplace Moderate Moderate
Family Blend Low
Fanplayr Low
FashionChick Low
Filemaker Low Moderate
Finalsite Low Low
FinanceAds Low
Firebase High High
Flashback Low
Flashtalking Low Low
Flurry Moderate
FTP Moderate Moderate
FuelX Low
Fulcrum Low Low
Fusion Tables
Fusion Tables (Open Source Community Connector)
Low Moderate
gemius Moderate Low
GetApp Low
Getprice Low
GetStat Moderate Low
GetSTAT Low Low
GFK Moderate Moderate
Gigya Low Low
GitHub (Open Source Community Connector)
GoodData Low Low
Google Admin Directory API Moderate Moderate
Google Ads High High
Google Analytics High High
Google Analytics Reporting and Management API Low Low
Google BigQuery High
Google Cloud Datastore Low Low
Google Cloud SQL High
Google Cloud Storage Low High
Google Cost Data Low
Google Finance Low Low
Google Fit High Moderate
Google My Business Moderate High
Google Play Developer Console Low Low
Google Play Store Low Low
Google Search Console Moderate High
Google Sheets High High
Google Trends Low Moderate
Google Webmaster Low Moderate
Google+ Moderate
GPS Low Low
gt metrix Low Low
Guenstiger Low
Guesty Low Low
Habitica Low Low Low
Hapara Low Low Low
Harvest High High
Harvest and Forecast Low Low
HasOffers Moderate
Hintaopas Low
Hintaseuranta Low
hive Low Low
hootsuite Low Low
Hornbill Service Manager Low Low
HubSpot High High
iBillboard Low
IBM Analytics Low Low
IBM DB2 Low Moderate
IBM Watson Campaign Automation Low Low
Idealo Low
Impact Radius Moderate
Indeed Moderate
InfluxDB Low Low Moderate Low Low Low
Infusionsoft High Low
InMobi Moderate
Innovid video ads Low Low
Insightly Moderate High
Instagram High High
Instana Low Low
Internetrix Low Low
IntregralAdScience Low Low
Ios Low Low
iPrice Low
iSAMS Low Low
iTunes Connect Low Low
Jampp Moderate
JIRA Low Low
JW Player Low Low
K50 Moderate Moderate
K50 BI (see Low Low
K50 Tracker Low Low
Kajabi Moderate Low
Kaltura TVM Low Low
Kayak Low
Kelkoo Low
KickBack Low
Kieskeurig Low
Kinara Low Low
Klaviyo Moderate
Klipster Low
Knack Moderate Moderate
Knack DB Low Low
KNIME workflow Low Low Moderate Low
Ladenzeile Low Low Low
Lead Alliance Low
LeGuide Low
Liftoff Moderate
Ligatus Low
LinkedIn High High
LinkedIn Ads Low High
Linkedin Ads High
Linkfluence Low Low
Linkprice Low
Linkwise Low
LiquidM Low
Lithium Low Low
Localytics Low High
Lyst Low
Mailchimp High High
MailChimp Moderate
Mailgun Low Moderate
Mailjet Moderate
Majestic Moderate Moderate
Marketing Miner Moderate Moderate
Marketo High High
Marktplaats Low
Matchads Low
Mautic Low Moderate
Mautic Marketing Automation Low Low
MediaMath Moderate
MediaOptimiSR Low Low
Meetrix Online Low
Meetup Low Moderate
Melobee Low Low
Mercado Libre Low Low
Mercado Livre Low Low
Metalyzer Low
Microsoft Access Low
Microsoft SQL Server Low High
Mirjana Zivkovic Low Low
MITE Low Low
MITTUM Moderate Moderate
Mixpanel High High
Moebel Low
MongoDB High High
Moz Moderate
MyBestBrands Low
MYOB EXO Accounting Low Low
Myposeo Moderate High
Myshopping Low
MySQL High High
myTarget Low Moderate
Naver Low
NetAffiliation Low
netbooster Low Low
New Relic Low Moderate
NewZapp Low Low
Nexpose Low Low
NexTag Low
Nextperf Low
Nexway Monetize Low Low
NinjaTrack Low Low
Nio Low Low
Nosto Low
npm Downloads (Open Source Community Connector)
NRK Low Low
Observads PPC Tracking Reports Low Low
ObservePoint Moderate Low
Observpoint Low Low
Okazje Low
Open AdStream Low
OpenApply Low Low
OpenWeatherMap Moderate Moderate
Oracle High High
Oracle Commerce Moderate Moderate
Outbrain Moderate High
Page Modified High High
Pandora Low Low
Partner-ads Low
PayPal Low
Payrainbow stats Low Low
Pepperjam Low
Perfect Audience Moderate
Performance Horizon Low Low
Pingdom Low Moderate
Pinterest Moderate High
Pipedrive Moderate High
Pipl Low
Pivotal Tracker Low Moderate
Platform161 Moderate Low
Plista Low Moderate
Polyvore Low
Postgres Moderate
PostgreSQL Low High
PowerSchool Low Low
Powerspace Low Low
Presto Low Low
Pricepanda Low
PriceRunner Low
PriceSpy Low
Prisfakta Low
Prisguide Low
Prisjakt Low
Proofpoint Low Low
PropellerAds Low Low
Public-Ideas Low
Pure Shopping Low
PureCloud Low Low
Quantcast Moderate
QuickBase Low Low
QuickBooks Moderate High
Quora Low
Rakuten Linkshare Low
RD Station Low Low
Recharge Moderate Moderate
RED Low Low
Reddit High
ReferralCandy Low
ReportDash Low
Revcontent Low Low Low
RingCentral Low Low
Rival IQ Low
Rocket fuel Low
RoomKey RMS Low Low
Sailthru Moderate Moderate
Salesforce Moderate High
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Moderate High
Salesforce Social Studio Low Moderate
Salestring Low
SAP Low Low
SAP Hana Low Low
SDDC Low Low
SEMrush Low High
SEP Logs Low Low
Sesam DataHub Platform Low Low
Seznam Moderate Moderate
Shape Low Low
ShareASale Moderate
SharpSpring Low Low
ShopAlike Low
Shopbot Low
Shopello Low
Shopify High High
Shopmania Low Low
Shopping-statistik Low
Shopping24 Low Low Moderate
Sistrix High Low
SISTRIX Toolbox Low Low
Sitecore Analytics Low Low
Sitemaps Low Low
SiteScout Low
Sizmek Moderate
Skimlinks Low Low
Sklik Moderate Low
Slack Low Moderate
Smart Adserver Low Low
SmartAdServer Low
Smartsheet Low Low
Snapchat Moderate
Snapshot Low Low
Snowflake Moderate Moderate
Sociomantic Low
Software Advice Low
Sogou Low
Solarwinds Web Help Desk Low Low
Spark Low Low
Spot-A-Shop Low
Spotify Moderate Low
Sprinklr Low Low
sprout social Low Low
Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow Questions (Open Source Community Connector)
StackAdapt Low Low Low
StartApp Low
STAT Search Analytics Low Low
StatHat Low Low
Steelhouse Low
Stileo Low
Stripe Low High
Strypes Low Low
StumbleUpon Low
Stylelounge Low
Stylewish Low
Stylight Low
Subiz Low Low
Taboola Low High
Tapfiliate Low
Tapjoy Moderate
Teamwork Moderate
Tempo Timesheets in JIRA Low Low
TeraData Low Moderate
The Affiliate Gateway Low
The Trade Desk Low High
Tinder Low Low
Toggl Low Moderate
TopCashback Low
Tracdelight Low
Tradedoubler Low
TradeTracker Low
Transactions Low Low
Travelta Low
Trello Low Moderate
TripAdvisor Moderate
Trivago Low
Troi Low Low
Trovit Low
TrueSocialMetrics Low Low
Tumblr Moderate
Turn Low
Tweakers Low
Twenga Low
Twilio Low High
Twitter High High
Twitter Ads Moderate High
uGiftideas Low
Unity Ads Low
Universe Low Low
Urchin Low Low Low
ValueCommerce Low
Ve Interactive Low
Vend POS Low Low
Vertaa Low
vertica Low Low
Vimeo Moderate
Vista Dash Low Low
Visualsoft Moderate Moderate
VK Ads Low
VKontakte Low Moderate
VTEX High Low
Webgains Low
Webtrends Moderate
Whereat1app Moderate Low
Widerplanet Low
WooCommerce Moderate Moderate
WordPress Low Low
XTRF Language Business Platform Moderate Low
Yahoo Low Low
Yahoo Gemini High
Yahoo Promotion Ads in Japan Low Low
Yahoo! Japan Search Low
Yahoo! Japan YDN Low
Yahoo7 Low Low
Yandex Low Low
Yandex Direct High High
Yandex Display Low
Yandex Metrica Moderate High
Yelp Low
Yiqifa Low
YouTube Moderate High
Youtube Analytics Moderate
Youtube Partners Low
Zanox Low
Zapier Low Moderate
Zemanta Low
Zendesk High High
Zoho Moderate Low
ZoomRank Low
квестгид.рф Low Low