Google Maps Coordinate API

Getting Started

  1. Overview
  2. Before you begin
  3. Finding your team ID
  4. Authorizing requests
  5. API Explorer


Google Maps Coordinate is a web and mobile application that helps organizations manage their mobile workforce. The Maps Coordinate API exposes job creation, listing, and update functionality through a RESTful web service.

The Google Maps Coordinate web interface is available at https://coordinate.google.com.

Before you begin

Before using the Maps Coordinate API, you must have created a team at https://coordinate.google.com, with users assigned to the Admin and/or Dispatcher role. Admins can retrieve job lists; Dispatchers can create and update jobs through the API.

To find out more about Google Maps Coordinate, please read the Google Maps Coordinate Overview in the help center.

To purchase a Maps Coordinate license, please contact your Google Enterprise Sales manager.

Finding your team ID

Your team ID is part of the Maps Coordinate web interface's URL:


It is a 22-character string that may include letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores. For example:


Authorizing requests

All requests to the Maps Coordinate API must be accompanied by an OAuth 2.0 token. Please read the Authentication chapter of this guide.

API Explorer

The Google API Explorer is an easy way to execute the Maps Coordinate API methods on your live data. Your parameters are submitted through a web form; the Explorer displays the correct request format and the full response.

You'll need your Maps Coordinate team ID to use the API Explorer.