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The official 2021 Solution Challenge top 10 finalists have been selected!

Join us for the 2021 Solution Challenge Demo Day where these teams will demo their solutions live while judges pick the top 3 grand winners!

Aishik Nagar, Ritik Bhatia

DementiCare is an app equipped with many features to compliment caregiving for Dementia patients such as sending urgent notices, SOS, and creating a patient dashboard.

Ahmed Mostafa Ibrahiem, Kerolos Kamal Botros, Khaled Abdel-Fattah Ahmed, Mahmoud Said Ramadan Gad

E-Owl provides a new way of helping instructors manage virtual classes while keeping high engagement from the learners. The solution also provides a new way of conducting an online quiz which minimizes the chances for cheating.

James Lee, Janice Cheung, Mohamed Amine Belabbes, Oluwateleayo Oyekunle

Helppier's goal is to encourage a new social norm of volunteering in peoples’ daily routines in their local neighbourhoods. The app facilitates neighbours helping neighbours through a gamified volunteering system.

Bhavesh Goyal, Himanshu Sharma, Ishan Sharma, Kushal Bhanot

Swaasthy is an app made to uplift user's health. It contains everything from medicine reminder functionality to make an SOS call to nearby ambulances to getting an appointment with a virtual doc. The team believes that this is a revolutionary step necessary in bringing down the death-rate due to delay faced by patients in India.

Alkım Dömeke, Deniz Karakay, Humeyra Bodur, Murat Kaş

QRegister removes the need of physical paper receipts upon transactions and instead encourages the use of QR codes for users to virtually keep track of all their receipts.

Almo Sutedjo, Maria Pospelova, Sami Wirtensohn, Viviana Sutedjo

Functional illiteracy - the inability to understand texts sufficiently - affects 1 in 7 people. SimplAR assists affected people by leveraging the power of Natural Language Processing: the user can take a picture of any text, which is then simplified into an understandable version, following the Plain Language guidelines. This way, the app aims to make the world more accessible for anyone.

Aric Hernando, Jason Christian Hailianto, Jason Jeremy Wijadi, Monique Senjaya

Game Your Fit keeps track of your movements in real time using your smartphone's movement sensors to promote exercising by gamifying the whole experience.

Alouzeh Brandone Mahbuh, Chi Karl Junior, Meh Mbeh Ida Delphine, Nuikweh Lewis

Flow is a mobile application that helps users easily find clean water sources nearby using Google Maps.

Anish Pawar, Gayatri Vijay Patil, Jatin Nainani, Priyanka Hotchandani

To offer a solution to the urban-dwelling visually-impaired, the team built “Eye of God” which is an easy-to-use navigation system for visually impaired people, acting as their “virtual-cane” to help them navigate to their destination all by themselves without needing the assistance of other people.

Jian Asiado, Joerian E. Gauten, Patricia Marie C. Garcia, Rex Ronter Ruiz

Project Island Response and Intervention for Systemic Evacuation (I-RISE) is a disaster risk management system that aims to bridge the information gap between local government units, disaster risk management offices, and the island communities of Tubigon, Bohol.

Top 50 semi-finalists:

Agena - Turkey
- Ahmet burak ilhan
- Yusuf Anber

Among Earth - South Korea
- Jiah Lee
- Lee Doyeon
- SeongYeon Koh
- Shin Hyeong Park

ASK Studio - Canada
- Aashish Vichare
- Kenny Cheng
- Simi Wei

Atlee - Indonesia
- Finna Alivia Nabila
- Jova Andres Riski
- Medeline Agita Tenardi
- Praveen Arvind Krisna

Bekry - Canada
- Abubeker Mohammed Amin
- Fetihya Mohammed Amine

BluTree RealHeroS - India
- Keerthana P
- Nimisha Kushal Kumar
- varun shilesh

Bootcamp - Afghanistan
- Ahmad zia Yousufi
- Madina Hameedi
- Sadia Alimi
- Shahira Sadat

CodeVipers - India
- Aluru V N M Hemateja
- Karthik Vempati

Confidant - Zimbabwe
- Africa Freedom Jatakalula
- Keith Panashe Charedzera
- Lionnel Tsuro
- Rodney Anesu Mupanduki

DementiCarers - Singapore
- Aishik Nagar
- Ritik Bhatia

DotDev - India
- Madhu Charan Madala
- Paruchuru Khyathi Pranathi
- Pillalamarri Gowtham Kumar

GDSC BITS Pilani - India
- Ayush Suman
- Josh Wadhwa
- Nishil Jain
- Sarvasva Khare

GDSC VU - Australia
- Bijay Sigdel

E-Owl - Egypt
- Ahmed Mostafa Ibrahiem
- Kerolos Kamal Botros
- Khaled Abdel-Fattah Ahmed
- Mahmoud Said Ramadan Gad

Eyero - Kenya
- Billy Okeyo
- Catherine Moraa Ratemo
- Daniel Dennis
- Sandra Wangari Kuria

Foodify - Ireland
- Alexander Nuzum
- Igor Alekhnovych
- Sanat Thukral

FoodRescue - United States
- Anika Washburn
- Eddie Xu
- Rita Lakhssassi

Gitribute - South Korea
- JiYeon Yoo
- Kwon Eunji
- Suh Hee

How are you? - United Kingdom
- Weronika Zak

Howard GDSC CORE AR/VR - United States
- Akil Cooper
- Akosua K. Wordie
- Aster Smith

Hummigo - India
- Abhineet Pandey
- Shikhar Srivastava
- Varenya Srivastava

Inclusivo - India
- Garvit Chittora
- Himanshu Vishwakarma
- Sneha Mishra
- Tejas Milind Mane

Infinity-SknCure - India
- Keshav Agrawal
- Pradhumn Dave
- Shrinit Goyal
- Shubham Gautam

InterSign - South Korea
- Hyesung Kim
- Jeongmin Park
- Kim bo geum
- Park Dabom

Jedi Masters - India
- Adithya A
- Steve Sam Jacob

Lensei Team - United Kingdom
- Alejandro Santiago Diaz
- Mir Taha Yousaf
- Rajorshi Sircar

Livel - Vietnam
- Nguyễn Thanh Ngân
- Pham Khanh Trinh
- Phạm Nhựt Huy
- Tran Dang Khoa

Magic 4 - Canada
- James Lee
- Janice Cheung
- Mohamed Amine Belabbes
- Oluwateleayo Oyekunle

Muggles - India
- Bhavesh Goyal
- Himanshu Sharma
- Ishan Sharma
- Kushal Bhanot

Patience - United States
- Leilani M Hagen
- Tuan Nguyen

PIF - Turkey
- Alkım Dömeke
- Deniz Karakay
- Humeyra Bodur
- Murat Kaş

Pineapple Bank - Taiwan
- Chan Chin Lik
- Chang, Tzu-Hsien
- Chen, Tai-Yuan
- Yu-Chieh Hsieh

Protect Species - Turkey
- Berken Tekin
- Emre Kalkan
- Tuna Özkuşaksız

Quesillo - Mexico
- Diego Fernando Ibarra Esperanza
- Efraín José Zúñiga
- Elsa González Rojas
- Juan Pablo Anuard Vazquez Guzmán

Scale - Singapore
- Benjamin Koh Jin Ming
- Linus Koh
- Ng Jing Jie
- Pang Cheng Kit

SDG Warriors - Philippines
- Carlos Fernando G. Panganiban
- Francisco Luis Berba
- Gianna Burgos
- Jaira Mathena B. Angeles

Shifa - Egypt
- Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed
- Ridge rimon younan
- Samy Hamed Mohamed Sharf.
- Yara Khaled Sayed

SimplAR - Germany
- Almo Sutedjo
- Maria Pospelova
- Sami Wirtensohn
- Viviana Sutedjo

Solusi Anak Bangsa - Indonesia
- Aric Hernando
- Jason Christian Hailianto
- Jason Jeremy Wijadi
- Monique Senjaya

STC Glasgow - United Kingdom
- Jingren Wang
- Leon
- Thomas Kuhn
- Yogesh Parajuli

- Emir Kalburcu
- İrem Elif Aydogdu
- Senay Sözüanık
- Ufuk Öztop

Team EduFund - Ghana
- Alfred Sosu
- Kennedy Owusu

Team Exordium - India
- Abhishek Bapu Ove
- Deepak Lohmod
- Jatin Gupta
- Ruchika Suryawanshi

Team Fluid - Cameroon
- Alouzeh Brandone Mahbuh
- Chi Karl Junior
- Meh Mbeh Ida Delphine
- Nuikweh. Lewis

Team Hack Inversion - India
- Anish Pawar
- Gayatri Vijay Patil
- Jatin Nainani
- Priyanka Hotchandani

Team razacar - Pakistan
- Mohsin Ali
- Muhammad Bilal Akmal
- Syed Owais Tahir Ali
- Wajeeh Misbah Khan

Tracer - Egypt
- Mariem Mourad Ramadan Ali
- Mohamed Tareq Abdelaal
- Nourhan Mahmoud Mouneir Mahmoud
- Shahenda ahmed ali

Turtles - Turkey
- Bilge Kağan Ece
- Emir Kaan KURT
- Tuğba Yılmaz
- Yusuf Eren Kaya

UP Systeams - Philippines
- Jian Asiado
- Joerian E. Gauten
- Patricia Marie C. Garcia
- Rex Ronter Ruiz

WE - Turkey
- Alihan Soykal
- Aysu Keçeci

2020 Solution Challenge winners

Congratulations to the top 10 winners!

Check out this Google Developers Blog post showcasing the winners and their solutions.

Thank you to all the Google Developer Student Clubs that participated and helped make this such an awesome experience. Also, a big shout out to all the Google Developers Experts (GDEs) who supported a number of teams with mentorship. We really enjoyed going through all of your creative solutions using Google technologies.

Hope you all enjoyed the virtual 2020 Solution Challenge Demo Day where we showcased the top 10 winners and their solutions!

GDSC University of California - Berkeley

Anushka Purohit, Anupam Tiwari, and Neel Desai created CoronaAI, a TensorFlow based technology that helps examine COVID-19 data. Specifically, the device is made up of a band worn around a patient's chest that uses electrodes to extract real-time images of the lungs. From here, the band connects to a monitor that allows doctors to examine patients in real time without being near them.

GDSC Technical University of Munich

Maria Pospelova, Wei Wen Qing, and Almo Gunadya Sutedjo developed FreeSpeak, a software that uses modern machine learning and video/audio analyzing tools by leveraging TensorFlow and Google Cloud’s Natural Language to analyze presentations and give individual feedback and tips as a “virtual coach.”

GDSC National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

Syed Moazzam Maqsood, Krinza Momin, Muhammad Ahmed Gul, and Hussain Zuhair built Worthy Walk: an Android and iOS app that provides its users a platform to achieve health goals by walking, running, or cycling. To encourage users, Worthy Walk provides an inbuilt currency called Knubs that can be redeemed as discounts from local businesses, shops, and startups.

GDSC Soonchunhyang University

Yuna Kim, Young hoon Jo, Jeong yoon Joo, and Sangbeom Hwang created Simhae, a platform created with Flutter and Google Cloud that allows users to access basic information and activities to inspire them to attend self-help gatherings run by suicide prevention centers. They believe that this experience is an important point that can lead to solidarity of suicide survivors.

GDSC University of Education, Winneba - College of Technology Kumasi

Elvis Antwi Sarfo, Yaw Barnieh Anane, Ampomah Ata Acheampong Prince, and Perditha Abena Acheampong constructed Emergency Response Assistance, an Android application to help health authorities post the latest first aid steps to educate the public and also help the victims report emergency cases with a click of a button. The Emergency Response team will also be able to track the exact location of the victims on the map.

GDSC Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya

Muhammad Alan Nur, Pravasta Caraka Bramastagiri, Eva Rahmadanti, and Namira Rizqi Annisa created Tulibot: an integrated assistive technology, built with the Google Speech API, that’s made to bridge communication between deaf people and society. The group made two main devices, Smart Glasses and Smart Gloves. Smart Glasses help with communication for the hearing impaired by showing real time answers directly on the glasses from its interlocutors. Smart Gloves transcribe gesture input into audio output by implementing gesture to text technology.

GDSC The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Sze Yuk Yin, Kwok Ue Nam, Ng Chi Ting, Chong Cheuk Hei, and Silver Ng developed Picare, a healthcare matching platform built with Flutter and Google Machine Learning to help elderly people in Hong Kong. Users will be able to use the app to research, schedule, and pay caregivers directly through the app.

GDSC Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Vo Ngoc Khanh Linh, Tran Lam Bao Khang, Nguyen Dang Huy, and Nguyen Thanh Nhan built Shareapy: a digitized support group app created with Android that helps bring people together who share similar problems regardless of their age, gender, religion, financial status, etc. After conducting an extremely rigorous user testing phase, this team had the chance to see all that TensorFlow and Firebase could do.

GDSC Midlands State University

Victor Chinyavada, Marvellous Humphery Chirunga, and Lavender Zandile Tshuma started Capstone, a service hosted on the Google Cloud Platform that aims to combat plagiarism among students, authors, and researchers. In particular, the technology aims to develop more effective algorithms that will incorporate the latest in big data, artificial intelligence, and data mining. As a team, the group bonded over applying technologies from Google to their project, but their real takeaway was working together to solve problems.

GDSC Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology

Praveen Agrawal built MiCamp, an Android app that holds all the info students from his campus need. Features include a calendar with upcoming campus events, student profiles, a used book marketplace, hostel management, online food ordering, and more. As a team of one, Praveen needed to speed up his development, so he applied his new knowledge of Flutter to finish.

Honorable Mentions

I & Others, Turkey

GDSC Duzce University

iGovern, Kenya

GDSC Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)

COMEL (Casing SOS Smartphone Millenial), Indonesia

GDSC Universitas Hasanuddin

HerApp, Malaysia

GDSC Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Anonymous Hiring Platform, Canada

GDSC University of Toronto Mississauga

VeggieBuddie, United States

GDSC University Of California Davis

Project Crystal, United States

GDSC Stevens Institute of Technology

Voyager, Egypt

GDSC Helwan University

Drug Oversight and Control (DrugOC), Algeria

GDSC National School of Biotechnology

ChecXray, India

GDSC Modern Education Society's College of Engineering

2019 Solution Challenge Winner

Immunization Calculator from Muni University in Uganda is a mobile app that helps local health workers in the immunization sector improve the efficiency in their operation. Samuel and his team met the local health workers in Uganda and learned that it takes a lot of effort and time for them to calculate an optimal vaccine injection schedule for each patient because there are a variety of vaccines and each of them has different policies.

After a number of consultations with the health workers, Samuel and his team developed Immunization Calculator and provided them an automated solution not only to plan a vaccine injection schedule easily, but also to track record and calculate the dropout rate, which helps the health workers analyze the data for the future improvement.

The team used native script, Android platform, and the cloud-based database Firebase to build the Immunization Calculator. The cloud-messaging service Firebase Cloud Messaging has been used to notify the due dates of vaccines to health workers.

Immunization Calculator team members:

Samuel Mugisha, Joshwa Benkya, and Samuel Itwaru 
Read Google Developers Blog post here.