Watch the 2022 Solution Challenge Demo Day on July 28. See it here.
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Here are some helpful introductory and past event videos to get you started. You’ll also find training content and resources on running a Design Sprint, below.

Intro videos

Learn more about the Solution Challenge.

Learn how to research the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and brainstorm ideas for your Solution Challenge project.

Given a sample solution, walk through the journey to building a successful project.

Past Solution Challenge event videos

2021 event hosted by Googlers and Unicef! Learn how to prepare and get started for this competition.

As you form teams and start brainstorming, check out this video where Googlers and a Google Developer Expert explain how to launch your solution idea.

Past Solution Challenge winners share tips and best practices on how to make the most out of Solution Challenge and ensure you submit a quality solution.

The Design Sprint—an exercise developed at GV, formerly known as Google Ventures—is a popular method that you can use to identify your solution. The Design Sprint usually takes five days to complete, and provides a flexible framework that solves problems through design, prototypes, and tests. It lets you and your team validate ideas before you build a product. Watch this video to learn more about how to identify a solution.
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