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Zebang Shen
Beijing, China


Machine Learning

My Biography

Zebang is a autonomous driving perception system expert in Daimler AG, an active volunteer and lecturer in GDG. He currently focused on deep learning development with TensorFlow which is mainly used for environmental perception and HD Mapping in self-driving car. He is very active in the TensorFlow Community and contribute much code to several deep neural net implementation with TensorFlow. He is the lecturer of TensorFlow Faculty Training (Google China MoE University-Industry Collaboration Program) in 2017 and 2018. Through this project, he developed machine learning and TensorFlow teaching materials for undergraduate education and helped the teachers from more than 40 universities to build their own TensorFlow course in University. He is the first author of the book "Theories and Practices of Self-Driving Vehicle". His technology blog (AdamShan) has a broad influence in the autonomous vehicle community in China, which mainly introduces the machine learning, TensorFlow and robotics.