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Yoyu Li
London, UK


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Yoyu is a creative technology advisor at Infinite Whys. She has worked in a wide range of capacities throughout her career - product designer, game producer, product manager, startup CTO and technology consultant. After creating a successful boardgame publishing business in China in her early 20s, she ventured out to the world and settled in the UK. She fell in love with cloud technology while bootstrapping her second startup in mobile innovation. Since then, she has advised many organisations on their cloud transformation journey across different sectors, namely, utilities, financial services, public sector, media and manufacturing. Currently, advising small-to-medium businesses on adopting cloud technology is her focus, especially in the creative industry. Besides being a Google Cloud certified professional Cloud Architect and Data Engineer, she believes in lead-by-example. She's a builder and a keen speaker. She has frequently presented her demos - using cloud technology to solve real-world challenges creatively - to the public. Outside work commitment, she is passionate about closing the gender gap in the technology sector and mentoring young professionals. She is an ambassador at the active Women in Tech community Wagora.io. She is a co-organiser and curriculum creator of the Code for Fun workshops and Python for Beginners Bootcamp - two events that aim to get more women into coding.