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Stefan Hogendoorn
Soest, Netherlands


Firebase, Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Stefan Hogendoorn (1972) is driven by technique and has a passion for Cloud Computing. As the former Chief Geek at a Google Cloud Partner company he's been involved in a large number of Google Cloud and Firebase based projects. He is also a coach to new developers and an innovative architect 'for hire'. Stefan has been working in ICT for over 20 years, and for the past 10 years he has been working on the integration of Google Apps and Google Cloud Platform. Over the years he has developed many small and large business apps. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience with cross-disciplinary projects, both national and international. As a highly creative technical entrepreneur his motto is: people are fun, but code makes more sense. Stefan lives in the central part of the Netherlands. When he is at home it is never boring with his entrepreneurial wife, raising two children and spending time with their dog.