Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Machine Learning

My Biography

I am Souradip Chakraborty, currently employed as a Data Scientist (Research) at Walmart Labs, India. Prior to joining Walmart Labs, I have completed my M.S in Statistics and Machine Learning from Indian Statistical Institute in 2018 as the Batch Topper (summa cum laude) and Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2014. Currently, I am also a Thesis Supervisor for students at upGrad's online Master's Program in Data Science as well as Machine Learning with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)( I was one of the lecturers in the Faculty Development Program for Presidency University,India lecturing more than 50 faculties, professors in Statistical Learning Theory. I was selected as the Youngest Technical Speaker for innovation in the very prestigious Data Hack Summit' Analytics Vidhya'2018. ( as well as Target AI Talks. ( My research interests lies in the areas of Deep Learning, Machine Learning,Representation Learning ,Graphical Network and Statistical theory. At Walmart Labs I have filed over 6 U.S Patents in the field of AI and Machine Learning applications in Retail Domain.I have also been a part of ANZ Bank, Tata Steel Research and Development and Petrabytes Corp. in the field of Data Science and research. I have several research publications in the field of Advanced Recommender systems using Natural Language Processing ,Computer Vision and Mathematical Morphology , also an IEEE publication in Stability Analysis of Network Control System.