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Simo Ahava
Helsinki, Finland


Google Analytics

My Biography

Simo is best known for his blog at, where he provides valuable guides, tutorials, case studies, implementations, and development advice for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. He is a prolific speaker and writer on behalf of smart data collection, and on extending the capabilities of web analytics and data collection platforms beyond their standard features. Simo is Partner and Senior Data Advocate at 8-bit-sheep. In his daily work, he designs, develops, implements, and educates solutions that improve data quality across all stages of the data lifecycle. His passion is in digital data, and he continues to evangelize creative and challenging approaches to data use in organizations. Simo's mission as a Google Developer Expert is to inspire others to take a software platform and bend it to their will. For him, thinking outside the box is what makes the difference. Simo lives in Espoo, Finland, with his wife and son in a beautiful red house.