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Shrutirupa Banerjiee
Pune, Maharashtra, India


Web Technologies (Security, Privacy, Payments, and Identity)

My Biography

I am an Experienced Security Enthusiast with over 3 years of demonstrated skills in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment of Applications(web & mobile) and Networks, Blockchain-based Smart Contracts, currently working under WAF Research, at Qualys. I have been an active member of various communities. I am one of the leads for Breaking Barriers - Women in CyberSecurity, Lean in Circle, along with being one of the mentors for the CyberPreserve Community. I had been one of the leads for InfosecGirls and WomenWhoCode, Pune as well. I am also an active technical blogger here. I have been a speaker at various conferences like BSides Singapore (2019), OWASP Seasides (2019, 2020), Rootconf (2019), EnCypher20 (2020), Tech(k)now Day 2021, and various local and virtual meetups. Previously in my projects at confidential, I have also found vulnerabilities like SQLi, Complete Account Takeover, Stored XSS as the critical ones. I love playing CTFs and aspire to be a Reverse Engineer and Malware Analyst in the future.