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Shmuela Jacobs
Tel Aviv, Israel



My Biography

Hi There :) I'm Shmuela Jacobs, a front-end instructor, consultant, developer, speaker, and community activist, focusing on Angular. I'm the founder of ngGirls - an initiative aiming to increase diversity in the programming world. I love sharing my knowledge at meetups and conferences. In addition to ngGirls, I run the meetup Angular Nights. Follow me to get informed about my next talk, training or activity! I've been working with Angular from the start, and with AngularJS before that. In the last three years I've been a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft - teaching how to combine Azure technologies in Web applications. Today I'm an independent consultant, helping developers in their frontend journey. I have gained experience in several software development environments and languages (C++, JAVA, Python), as a researcher and M.Sc student at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and a software engineer at Intel’s Israel Development Center. After graduating, I just fell in love with Front-end development with Angular, and that's where my passion is until today.