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Shmuela Jacobs
Tel Aviv, Israel



My Biography

Shmuela Jacobs is a front-end instructor, consultant, developer, speaker, and community activist, focusing on Angular. She is the founder of ngGirls - an initiative aiming to increase diversity in the programming world. Shmuela received her M.Sc. in Information Management Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where she had researched systems modeling languages in collaboration with IBM Research and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). This has been a career change for her, after receiving B.Sc. in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Shmuela has gained experience in several software development environments and languages (C++, JAVA, Python), as a researcher at the Technion and a software engineer at Intel’s Israel Development Center. She has been developing with AngularJS and Angular in the past few years.