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Sergio Contreras
Madrid, Spain


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

My name is Sergio Contreras and I am a Web Application Developer and Software Engineer, currently living in Madrid, Spain. I started programming with 14 years old and since then it has become my passion. Currently working as Software Frontend Engineer at BBVA, developing Web architectures based on Web Components, specifically implemented with Polymer and LitElement. I have led the team since 2015 trying to change frontend development paradigm internally in BBVA towards Web Components. We have managed to create a development ecosystem in the 10 countries where BBVA is present through training for developers, creating strategies in mobile apps and global websites with Web Components and standards, creating a global catalog of Web Components and evangelizing Google technology within the development ecosystem of BBVA. Additionally, I participate actively as a speaker in the development community giving talks on Web development, Web Components, JavaScript, Performance, etc ... I have participated as mentor or technical staff in several Hackhathons with Polymer at national and international level.