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Ruth John
Bath, UK


Web Technologies(Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

Ruth is a web developer and creative technologist, who has enjoyed a career spanning over a decade working on websites and web applications. She has worked for a range of companies including small agencies, large media companies and medium fashion brands. She currently works for a big mobile company in the UK, as a web technologist in the research and development department, where she advises the business on any new technology they may find beneficial. Ruth likes to educate people about new web technologies and inspire them to try them. She likes to come up with exciting and engaging ways to use them, as well as interesting integrations into everyday development. She’s almost always got a conference talk lined up or article ready to be published. Her favourite things include hacking with hardware, evangelising about MIDI and taking her award nominated, hand coded, audio/visual software to the streets, (or more recently conference after parties). She also knows all the names of the characters in Thundercats.