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Rushabh Vasa
Mumbai, India


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Started as MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) in 2007; have evolved into building on complete open source technology stacks like PHP & MEAN. Have had the opportunity to work from conventional web hosting servers to GCP and AWS today. Hands-on knowledge on CND and media based cloud deployment for scalability, low latency and for creating seamless content streaming experience for OTT. Currently co-founder of, a software + content company building products on voice and vernacular for India and NBU markets. Core team member and co-lead fo Google’s startups community - since 2013, have spoken at over 25 tech talks and conducted many workshops on Google’s products including AdWords, Analytics and recently on Cloud. Pro-bono consultation for startups on GCP deployment in India region.