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Richard Shenghua He
London, UK


Google Cloud Platform (Data Analysis)

My Biography

Richard (Shenghua) is a business-driven engineer with a passion on using Google Cloud to solve complex business problems in simplified ways. He has been specialising on Google Cloud since 2018, and helped many businesses to adopt cloud-native ways of working to accelerate the use of data and drive business success. Data Platform Engineering is his bread and butter and he has extensive experience in BigQuery, Cloud PubSub, Cloud Composer, Cloud Run, Cloud Datastore and Cloud Dataflow. He started a YouTube channel called PracticalGCP from the beginning of 2022 with an aim to help bringing more technology professionals into the Google Cloud space. The channel covers a wide range of Google Cloud technologies, sharing practical experiences on how to run systems properly on production. It has more than 30 videos already and almost 300 subscribers with new content added regularly.