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Renaud Tarnec
Brussels, Belgium



My Biography

Renaud is a full-stack web application developer and architect with 20+ years of experience, exclusively in IT services companies. He is passionate about crafting user-centric digital tools and, over the years, he has developed many business web apps like collaborative work platforms, workflow applications, transactional e-banking and e-commerce websites. His expertise covers all stages of the application development life-cycle, from business/functional analysis, technical analysis, architecture and design, development and testing, up to production deployment and application maintenance. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Renaud is a freelance consultant and runs his own company, rta Consulting, serving customers of various domains and sizes. For the past three years, he has been working with all the Firebase services, in particular Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage and Authentication. He loves them so much – to the extent that today, all of his client web app development projects are based on Firebase! When not working on projects, Renaud enjoys sharing knowledge with fellow developers on Stack Overflow, in particular for the "firebase", "google-cloud-functions" and "google-cloud-firestore" tags.