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Rena Baba
Dubai - United Arab Emirates, UAE


Machine Learning (Cloud Conversational AI)

My Biography

- There is nothing more fascinating to me than the way technology can enable the way we live, work and thrive. Therefore, I chose to specialize in technology and I directed my career to the sweet spot where technology, experience and business intersect. I am particularly passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering others through education. I strongly believe with the right skills people can craft a career that is not only more fulfilling, but more meaningful and impactful in contributing to the development of our societies. My journey in Machine Learning started in May 2016 as a researcher at McGill University, where I re-implemented a machine learning algorithm (in convolutional neural network) for image recognition in TensorFlow, to make it computationally more efficient. I then joined PwC in 2017 as an emerging technology consultant, where I focused on how disruptive technologies (specifically RPA and AI) impact an organization's ability to deliver world class customer, citizen and employee experiences. I am currently a Senior Consultant at Serco, ExperienceLab. I work with leading clients across the Middle East to enable them to use data and insights to design, evolve and adapt services to cater to their end-users and deliver world-class experiences. Since 2016, I have been delivering talks, training and workshops around technology and machine learning. I listed highlights of my contribution below: - Presented to +3k members about RPA, ML and digital upskilling - Presented +15 live demos to clients in the fields of RPA and AI - +12 Conferences and events where I presented a demo - Digital Reverse Mentor to PwC Managing Partner and Serco CEO - Launched internal initiatives to raise awareness about tech with +600 subscribers - Participated and won in a competition: AI in Financial Services