Qiang Wu
Lanzhou, China


Machine Learning

My Biography

Education Background ⬧ Bachelor of Computer Science , Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2005.09-2009.06); ⬧ Lanzhou University Phd student (computer application direction) (2017.09- present); Personal Skills ⬧ Enthusiastic about new technologies, master machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and GAN-network algorithms ⬧ Master the Tensorflow deep learning framework ⬧ Ten years of experience in IT project management, development and operation Personal technical influence Personal technical influence ⬧ In the well-known CSDN platform in China, I have opened four columns, Including: Machine learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning and GAN. I have published 71 articles. (fans 467, visits 20000+) ⬧ In the well-known Zhihu platform in China, I have opened 3 columns, Including: cartoon AI, NLP and Reinforcement learning (fans 1374, visits 3,624) Project experience ⬧ Team leader of the DeepFlying Costume Platform based on TensorFlow , which have been selected as a sample project by Google 2019 China Education Annual Conference GitHub Stars ⬧ My GitHub account learning511 has totally gotten 600+ starts Achievements 1. Obtained National Patent "A Method and System for Customer Complaint Handling" No.: ZL 2013 10288121.6 2. Apply for "A method for full-simulation production system to conduct business test online" Patent No.: 201610999759.4 3. Apply for a patent "A Smart Complaint System" Patent ApplicationNo.: 201710645143.1 4. First author of "A Smart Fog Based Workflow for Traffic Networks" ,which has been published (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.future.2019.02.058) .