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Polina Gurtovaya
Yerevan, Armenia


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

Before I became a frontend developer my professional area was lasers and telecommunication. At some moment I decided to completely change my career and I'm very glad that I made such a decision. I believe that any valuable experience and knowledge should be shared with the community. I prefer to share my own experience via blog posts and conference talks. I love to disassemble everything into cogs and then try to reassemble it again. I think that the learning curve for a front-end developer looks like a spiral. I admire the huge range of tasks that any modern frontend can solve and how quickly everything is changing in our area. That is why I try to follow new technologies, experiment, but not succumb to the hype. I love Rust, I am interested in ML, I'm constantly trying to develop a sense of beauty. Of course, I have a list of my favorite technologies and topics(and I can talk about them for hours :) WebAssembly, WebRTC, GraphQL, and image internals