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Pankaj Rai
Hyderabad, Telangana, India



My Biography

I love to develop Android apps where I feel it gives me the opportunity to transform ideas into reality. I always look forward to learning new technologies and to add them while making an app that's where I came across Firebase and since then it's adding a flavour to my apps. Learning and sharing are two things that I strongly believe on, that's the reason I write articles on on various topics of Android, Kotlin and Firebase to spread my knowledge with the developers across the world. I prefer to speak at the GDG events and monthly meetups to share knowledge with the audience and to understand their concern while using the technological stack. I prefer to learn new stuff as early as they are launched and keep an eye on further development in them where it could either be Android, Firebase, Kotlin or Tensorflow ecosystem and after using those service, I write an article on so that it could be easy for other developers to get started with it. I like to attend various events, webinars, the digital conferences where it helps me to gather new information, interact with the speakers, get more insight about the product.