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Pam Selle
Philadelphia, United States


Web Technologies

My Biography

Pam Selle is a software engineer, published author, and public speaker. She's author of Beyond the Resume: How to Get Your Next Job as a Developer and lead author of Choosing a JavaScript Framework from Bleeding Edge Press. She's spoken across the country and internationally, speaking at events including JSConf EU, JSConf US (Last Call), StrangeLoop, and QCon; she also co-founded LibertyJS, Philadelphia's premier JavaScript conference. In her work as a software engineer, she helps companies take existing applications and infrastructure and turn them into efficient, awesome, systems. She teaches for Girl Develop It and is an organizer emeritus of the Philadelphia JavaScript Developers users group. She is a panelist on JavaScript Air and co-host of the Turing-Incomplete podcast. Previously, Pam worked at Comcast on distributed systems and web applications, developed apps for journalism, and worked on web experiences for consumer products and political campaigns. She lives in Philadelphia, where she rides bikes a lot.