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Nitin Tiwari
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

An avid learner of ML who loves to understand how tech works; I have worked with Machine Learning and Computer Vision since 2019 when I first worked as an intern for an AI-based startup during my college days. Since then, my journey in AI/ML began where I have used Machine Learning to solve a variety of environmental, business, and other domain problems. From building a pose classifier application for controlling video games to building a platform for visual data extraction from dashboards for automating data pipelines in businesses, I have had the opportunity to apply my skills to create some exciting things. I love to explore TensorFlow and share my knowledge and new findings through community talks, lectures, blog posts, and projects on GitHub repositories. I also mentor students and aspiring ML enthusiasts to get started with their journey in Machine Learning.