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Niek Waarbroek
Arnhem, Netherlands


Google Workspace

My Biography

Developing smarter business apps to support everyday tasks with state of art technics, is what I love doing most. The combination of being a programmer and consultant at the same time fits me perfect. After my study Informatica I started my career as a young professional. I had the opportunity to develop my programming skills at various companies. Building and maintaining web applications was my main task. After a few years I wanted to broad my horizon and started at a company specialised in open source applications and technics. Being a programmer was not enough, learning and exploring new technics make me hungry for an additional job: research & development. It brought me a lot, but I also realised that one thing was missing in my career path: being actually in contact with customers. With this in mind I took the opportunity to start as a consultant at a cloud company. I'm still very grateful for this chance, it helped me to developing my consulting and sales skills. Recently I joined forces with NextNovate. Some clients I worked with: The FA, Randstad, G4S, YoungCapital, PON, DMG. Specialties: Google Cloud Architect, G Suite, Scalable Apps