Nick Rout
Cape Town, South Africa

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My Biography

Nick is a software engineer currently focusing his efforts on developing high-quality apps for Android. Nick prides himself on keeping up to date with the most effective Android technologies, programming languages, tools and libraries. In addition to this, he has a passion for Material Design and the translation of good UX/UI design into maintainable code. While Android Studio is his home, he frequently visits Sketch and other design tools. He has developed a number of successful consumer Android apps, both for clients and for startups. He has also published a few of his own apps which can be found on the Google Play Store, Android Experiments website and GitHub. Nick is active in the Android community. He has spoken at Android conferences around the world. He publishes monthly Medium posts that cover in-depth Android subjects, particularly on Material Design Components. He maintains a number of open source projects on GitHub which demonstrate modern (and experimental) Android development. He is the main organizer of the GDG Cape Town Meetup, in an effort to maintain excitement and interest in Google technologies in South Africa. He presents Android topics at these events (along with open source code). In his spare time, Nick enjoys the scenic Cape Town mountains, seas and city, most forms of exercise, good coffee and any Studio Ghibli film.