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Neil Ghosh
Hyderabad, India


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Neil is passionate about technology and has more than 12 years of professional experience designing and programming software. His experience ranges from writing enterprise SaaS at Oracle and JDA to building highly scalable multi-player game services at Electronic Arts with company data centre, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform including some of the complex migration from one platform to another. Neil has been using GCP in production since the initial days when AppEngine in python was the first very example of PaaS. Neil loves contributing to the community via as a speaker and code lab instructor in local GGD chapter and at work to enable fellow engineers with Cloud skills. He has also influenced and provided industry exposure to thousands of Engineering students by taking sessions on contemporary technology as part of computer society of local IEEE chapter. He was also instrumental during kickstart & initial incubation of Java user group in Hyderabad. Neil believes there is a lot of opportunities for developers and companies to build software faster and cheaper using various cloud technologies. He is on a mission to create more awareness about it by demonstrating solutions to business problems through his skills and experience. He also an advocate of managed service, CI/CD and Infrastructure as code with full automation so that engineering teams can focus on business problems. Neil is an amateur astronomer & avid international cricket follower and spends a large portion of his time stargazing and learning tricks of photography.