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Ndjido Ardo Bar
Dubai, UAE


Machine Learning

My Biography

Ndjido Ardo BAR is a Lead Data Science at Davidson UAE and is at the moment working in a project related to the Dubai Smart City project. Ndjido earned a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics at Gaston Berger University in Senegal. His strong background in Maths is coupled with an excellent programming skill in languages like C/C++, Scala, Python. Ndjido loves functional programming and has the chance to use language like Scala to deliver most of Data Science project he is involved in. He has 7 years experience doing Data Science project, starting at Pasteur Institut as a researcher in BioStatistics. Around 2011 he co-founded a startup specialised in real-time agriculture online market (MLouma). In late 2012, Ndjido joined BearingPoint a French consulting company as a Data Scientist in its Machine Learning team named Hypercube. He was in charge of different activities: developing Algorithms, training customers in Data Science, delivering Machine Learning modelling to different customers. In late 2015, Ndjido joined AXA France as a Data Scientist and delivered a Credit Scoring Model build from customer-centric data and financial KPIs using a Deep Belief Network and a Gradient boosting model. Ndjido is not only passionated by Maths and AI, he is also an open source activist and love to speak in meetups and conferences what he has learnt from hours and hours of reading and practicing. It's a way for him to give back to community.