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Mike Geyser
Johannesburg, South Africa


Web Technologies (Performance)

My Biography

Mike Geyser is a programmer from Johannesburg in South Africa. He works in the R&D team at BBD doing industry research, consulting, and training. He is passionate about the community, both as a technical speaker and organiser. He is organiser of the local JavaScript meetup group, Jozi.JS, as well as the official Docker Johannesburg meetup group. Mike has been hacking on the web since Geocities was a thing, and has the wail of dialup modem etched into his subconscious. While he is fluent in several 'golden hammer' programming languages, he has a long-lived love affair with JavaScript, and cannot see its (many, obvious) flaws. He has worked on lots of interesting enterprise applications, but it is the challenges of the public web that really appeal to him - having spent his formative years building transactional websites. He is always eager to talk about the web platform, but be warned, he is excitable and prone to hyperbole.