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Mercedes Rodríguez García
Pontevedra, Spain



My Biography

Mercedes is a software developer, currently focused on developing Actions for the Google Assistant and chatbots for different platforms using Dialogflow. She is passionate about human-computer interaction and Voice User Interfaces, always trying to build the best conversational experiences, cause she truly believes that everything will be managed by voice in a not so far future. Previously, she has also worked as a teacher, as a translator specialized in localization, and as a web content editor, writing at many different blogs. She is a very curious person who loves to learn new things all the time. Right now, one of her main concerns is the lack of women in technology. That's why she is a co-organizer at GalsTech, a group trying to improve women visibility in the sector, in order to encourage more girls to choose technological careers by giving talks, and organizing meetups and workshops. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with friends and family, reading, walking on the beach, playing padel, and dancing.