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Maria Tjahjadi
Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

With more than 10 years of experience working with Data, I have been in various positions and have been implementing many technologies and solutions. I work closely with both Technical and Functional subject matter experts, and other team members to successfully deploy the project, both services, and products. Continuous improvement in customer's analytic footprint by implementing technology consulting and product portfolios is one of my key styles besides tailoring a suitable and personalized solution for the customer. When I am not on the job, I love to explore the city, meeting new people and indulging my love to explore new places, immersing into the local culture. I love to teach as well. I received many invitations to share my experiences at both universities and non-formal education. A firm believer when we can explain our expertise to others in a very simple way, it means we really understand it.