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Marharyta Nedzelska
Geneva, Switzerland



My Biography

I am originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. There I spent 25 years of my life. I graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2017, where I got my Master degree in Cybernetics and Computer Science. I started my career being a student. In January 2014 I joined a Ukrainian startup gdebanan.com (aggregator of hot tours) I worked there mostly as a backend engineer and did research to improve our search algorithm. Unfortunately, we didn't get proper investment, but I learned a lot there about backend, code quality and working in a team. Then I worked at some outsourcing companies on different projects. The most interesting one was about implementing a Wide Area Measurement System to monitor the stability of electricity networks. We used Fast Fourier Transform to detect dangerous oscillations. At the same time for some backend parts of the project I tried to introduce Kotlin. That was the time when it just released and caught my attention. I did a couple of presentation about Kotlin to our local community and then organised a Kyiv Kotlin User Group. Another chapter of my life started when I joined Wix Engineering. I continued leading Kotlin community, organised 2 big Kotlin Night in Kyiv and got plenty of positive feedback. In Wix we used Scala for most of the backend, but we also considered Kotlin as a possible alternative. So I contributed a little into the POC how can we bring Kotlin on top of Scala infrastructure. This experience led me to 2 my popular talks. One about gRPC and Kotlin, another one about Scala and Kotlin interop. While working at Wix I improved my presentation skills and did talks at plenty of conferences around the world including KotlinConf 2019 in Copenhagen. Finally, in 2020 I decided to change everything in my life and accepted the offer of SonarSource in Geneva. So currently I'm working on Java, Kotlin, Scala analyzers in SonarSource.