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Lucas Arruda
Campinas, Brazil


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

Lucas is a software engineer with 10+ years of experience in the field and 4 years with Cloud Computing. Most of his skills are related to web development, though he has worked extensively with Linux servers and general software architecture. A self identified opensource enthusiast, Lucas has spoken at many events, covering topics such as PHP/Drupal, Coding Excellence and Cloud Architectures. At CI&T, the company he's been working for half a decade now, he is a Software Architect and one of the GCP Authorized Trainers. As a trainer, he has trained more than 200 people in Google's Cloud technologies, helped many of them to successfully pass the official qualification exams and played a key role in ramping up Cloud skills for teams in multiple locations. Recently, Lucas has completed a few challenging projects for Fortune 200 companies involving migrating big-data from on-prem and other cloud providers into GCP. This year Lucas is hoping contribute to the technology community through recording videos and writing articles covering best practices for GCP adoption.