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Lin Guo
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China



My Biography

Senior Android developer. Engaged in Android development since 2010. With well developing experience and wrote several popular open source libraries on GitHub (LitePal, giffun, coolweather, PermissionX which has more than 16k stars in total). Maintains a technical blog on CSDN (A Chinese developers community website) and has posted over 100 articles for sharing Android programming skills. Currently the blog has more than 11 million visits. Author of First Line of Android which is the best selling and well received Android programming book in China. The first two editions of this book have already sold more than 260,000 copies. The 3rd Edition is published in 2020 with new Android and Kotlin features. Love keep contributing to the Android programming community by both online and offline. Maintains a WeChat subscribe account by sharing well written Android programming articles every weekday which has more than 90k subscribes. Invited by Google to attend several GDG events and have speeches about sharing Android programming skills.