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Li Yunpeng
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China



My Biography

Yunpeng Li (李云鹏) has 12 years of experience in the Internet industry. He specialize in Android architecture model design and Intellij plugin development. He is also working on improving APP performance and user experience. In recent years, he has been continuously invited to participate in large-scale technical conferences such as GDG DevFest, QCon, and InfoQ to promote Google Technologies/products. He wrote a book about the architecture model design, "Mobile Development Architecture Combat". The book introduces more than 10 kinds of popular mobile application development architecture models, including MVP, MVVM, plug-in, etc., to help the advanced developers of the architects to pave the way for learning. He also applied for 20+ patents and 1 software copyright as the first inventor. Li like writing, website construction and technology promotion. In 2009, he founded the non-profit literature website - MuXuan ( and the non-profit literature organization - MuXuan Literature Alliance. In 2010, he was shortlisted as the webmaster of the Global Chinese Top 100 Forum. Li is still a literary author. He has been a member of the Jilin Province Youth Writers Association. At the age of 14, he completed the 230,000-word novel "The Devil's Shadow"; at the age of 15, he published the essay collection "Youth Time", so he boarded the front page of a famous newspaper. He also like to travel and have traveled through all the provinces of China.