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Lesly Zerna
Sucre, Bolivia


Machine Learning

My Biography

I am Lesly from Bolivia. I love learning, teaching and sharing, as well as traveling and creating/learning about music and tech. I help building AI communities in latin america, currently I am the latin america coordinator for the City.AI and School of AI. I have an engineering background that I completed in Bolivia and a master in computer science completed in Belgium with a scholarship from one of the most important education foundation in Bolivia. Since 2014, I have learned about tech communities, mainly GDGs and I started joining either as attendant, volunteer or speaker in Bolivia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Colombia. With a friend we started a social initiative that encourages girls to learn about technology and how it looks like to be an engineer, currently, we are teaching about data science in our program which is called Mentor Her. In 2018, I gave two TEDx talks, one is about the importance of being self-learner mainly in the tech field and the other about considering your life as your main entrepreneurship, both with over thousand views. In 2018, also, I recorded an online course for introduction to Machine Learning with the largest startup for tech education in latin america: Platzi, this online school has thousands of students in the world and currently, I am preparing another course about Deep Learning. That same year, I received scholarships from Udacity to study: Data Science and Pytorch for deep learning and currently, I am a mentor at Udacity for the Business Analytics Nanodegree. Also, I work at a local university in Bolivia as an associate professor for the engineering school. Since 2018, I have given tech talks in about 15 meet ups, more related to: Machine learning, TensorFlow, Data Science and Google Assistant. I am a very enthusiastic learner that loves technology!