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Kevin Davila
Chiclayo, Peru



My Biography

I am a frontend developer with 4 years of experience working with Angular. I consider myself a fan of software engineering because it is basically my job and my hobby. My favorite technology (and the one I'm currently working on) is Angular, I've been using it since Angular 4 and I've been evolving as a frontend along with the framework. I'm also a fan of databases, especially PostgreSQL. I have had the opportunity to work on local, regional and international projects as frontend and fullstack. I have explored both the corporate and startup worlds and each time I have tried to take the best of both worlds to forge my path as a developer. Since 2020 I started sharing content on different networks focusing on web development, especially with Angular. I do this as a retribution because when I started learning web development I met many people online who helped me train as a frontend and I loved this type of learning where you share your knowledge without expecting anything in return, for this reason I try to contribute with what I learn every day