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Kenneth Kinyanjui
Nairobi, Kenya


Google Cloud Platform, Payments

My Biography

Kenneth is a Software Engineer & Product Manager who can't get away from solving problems in Emerging Markets. Starting off his career as an independent consultant for companies in Nairobi, San Francisco, London and Seoul he quickly developed into both a Cloud Architect and Infrastructure Engineer. With this new found knowledge and doing this in the luxury of his dorm room, he focused on 2 things. Empowering the community and becoming an entrepreneur. The past 6 years, Kenneth has spent time seeding back to the Sub-Saharan Startup and Technology ecosystem through mentorship, speaking at events, building communities and facilitating workshops. On the other end co-founding 2 companies. WeCashUp (Fintech) based in Marseille, France and Faidika Technologies (Technology Consulting ) based in Kenya. Currently, he is on a sabbatical break building long-lasting communities across Emerging Markets with a big focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.