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Kanshi Tanaike
Osaka, Japan


Google Workspace

My Biography

I think that the various resources providing by Google are great. I think that taking advantage of the Google's resources like a lot of APIs and Google Apps Script will lead to the high efficiency, the low cost and the various conveniences. Now I'm developing to take advantage of Google's resources using Google Apps Script, Javascript, Golang, Node.js and Python. I contribute to publish the results, which were obtained by studying them, as the open source. And also, I contribute and support at Stackoverflow as an answerer. I would like to make a lot of people know that to take advantage of Google's resources brings the various conveniences. My curiosity is to quest, think, create and publish. Especially, I always like to create new things which are not exist in this world yet. The goal of my life is to bring new field in this world. This is the motivation of my action. I am a scientist with Ph.D. in Physics and had engaged for researching and educating at the laboratories and universities. I would like to make also use my these experience and bring a new wind to this field. As my future goal, I would like to focus on not only the development, but also the training of personnel and the dispatch of information with the lecture.