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Kamran Ahmed
Dubai - United Arab Emirates, UAE


Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

I have always been interested in community building, teaching and growing those around me. Growing and helping others learn and get better is what gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have been doing that for the past 6 years since I was in university. During my university years, I stayed as a: * Microsoft Student Partner — Oct 2012 – Jun 2014 (~2 years) * IEEE GCUF Ambassador — Aug 2012 – Mar 2014 (~2 years) During that time, I managed and organized several programming competitions, workshops and sessions to help the students grow and also since I was professionally working while I was in university, I also had some experience in the industry which I used to organize several sessions and gave talks to help the students break into the tech industry. It not only helped me help others but also helped me in ways that I could not imagine. During those 4 years at university as a MSP and IEEE Ambassador, here is the list of events that I was part of organizing and hosting: * Annual Programming Competition 2011 which had around 700 participants from different departments from the GC University Faisalabad. I was the one leading this event and responsible for the success of the event. There were different kinds of competitions including robotics, programming, web development etc. (Faisalabad, Pakistan) * Q-Battle Programming Competition 2011 was a programming quiz competition with around 200 participants from the CS, SE and IT departments of the University (Faisalabad, Pakistan) * IEEE-Programming Competition 2012 held at GC University Faisalabad. This was a 3 days event in which students from different universities of Pakistan participated. (Faisalabad, Pakistan) * Annual Programming Competition 2012: After the success of the Annual Programming Competition 2011, I organized the Annual Programming Competition 2012 with my team. (Faisalabad, Pakistan) * Game Development using Unity 3D: I was one of the 3 students selected from the university to build a game project.