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Jurgen Van de Moere
Evergem, Belgium


Web Technologies

My Biography

Jurgen is a Front-end Architect based in Belgium. He began his career in 1999 and worked for more than a decade as a Web Developer and System Engineer for large companies across Europe. In 2012, driven by his passion for Web Technologies, Jurgen decided to specialise in JavaScript and Angular. Since then he has helped many leading businesses succeed in building secure, maintainable, testable and scalable Angular applications. In his mission to continually share his knowledge with others, Jurgen serves as a private advisor and mentor to world-renowned businesses and developers around the world. You won't find Jurgen in the spotlight very often as he loves to spend time with his family, reading books and writing articles. His writings impact thousands of developers a day and are regularly featured by some of the leading publishers in the tech industry. Jurgen is actively involved in growing the Belgian Angular community as co-organizer of NG-BE, Belgium's first ever Angular conference.